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About Me

I am the author of the book Gone Missing in New York and have become an advocate for missing people.

  1. pat erving permalink

    I would like to contact the the woman who is writing about BARBARA HARTMAN BROWN missing in kinston NY

  2. Lesha permalink

    Pretty sure the man you have posted about called Gretful doe is this missing man right here. Check it out n email me back

  3. jen permalink

    In your Freddie Holmes post you mention that “earlier in the morning [Mrs. Holmes] had seen a strange car pass by…”. Do you know if there is any more of a description of that car?

  4. Just finished reading your blog. I found the Tookie story so interesting because I summered in that area of the Catskills for many years and love the area….I see that is where you grew up! Keep up the good work!

  5. I read a report by someone who worked on the Jason Doe case. He said the note was not in the victims pocket but lying nearby. He also stated that the drawing was not of Jerry Garcia. I am going to try and find the article again to see what we it says. I will let you know.

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