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An Open Letter to Marc Butler-Representative for Kellisue Achernecht.

August 3, 2012

Honorable Marc Butler,


I am writing to with my concerns about Kellisue Ackernecht who has been missing from Johnstown, New York since September 30, 2008. Kellisue Ackernecht disappeared on her way home from work. Her car was found engulfed in flames less than a quarter of a mile from her home. The car fire was declared arson. However, since that evening, Kellisue has never been seen or heard from again.

            This case was close to be forgotten and swept under the rug until a brave and courageous woman, Kalley Lee, stepped forward to become an advocate for the missing woman. She has spent countless hours—and personal funds—to keep the search for Kellisue alive. But she, as well as Kellisue’s brother, and all of us who advocate for the missing, are coming to wits end and hope you will step forward and help us in the search for justice for Kellisue.

            I have no intention of maligning the Johnstown Police Department. They work tirelessly for the citizens of Johnstown. However, they were not equipped to handle this case from the beginning and persist in their refusal to ask for help from other agencies such as the New York State Police. Do you know that parts of Kellisue’s car are still littered on the side of the road since 2008? I was horrified to find that a scene of a crime was handled so carelessly.

            Kellisue’s disappearance is New York State’s chance to set a protocol in the search for missing persons. Do you know, depending on what jurisdiction a person goes missing from, the search can be “hit or miss”? There is no protocol for looking for a missing person. Neither is registration in the FBI’s data base for missing person or in the National Missing and Unidentified Person System required at this time. I have been an advocate for the missing for almost five years and I am saddened to tell you that often times many of our missing do not get the thorough handling their case deserves. New York State has the chance to become a leader in setting protocols and requiring all missing person’s case be handled immediately and thoroughly. We owe our missing citizens nothing less.

            I am urging you to become involved in the case of Kellisue Ackernecht. Your voice, your concern, could be the tip in the balance to bringing Kellisue home.



Marianna Boncek



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